We spend many hours on our dogs showing and caring for them. We only breed our dogs when we feel pedigrees are compatible and careful planning goes into every litter we produce. Parents of puppies are guaranteed to be free of any hereditary problems such as Hip Dysplasia and PRA. We breed healthy problem free adults. Puppies that are sold as Companion Quality Puppies are to follow the Companion Quality Contract. Their quality is equal to that of their litter mates sold as show prospects. They have had the same love, care and attention and carry the same guarantees of good temperament and breed character. Companion puppies are sold with the following guarantees and understandings:

1. The puppy is guaranteed to be healthy at the time of sale. We offer a 72 hour health guarantee. We strongly recommend you have your new puppy examined by your Veterinarian upon arrival. If within that 72 hours puppy is diagnosed with any disease of illness the puppy will be replaced or money refunded.

2. Buyer is to understand they have purchased a companion puppy that is not to be used for breeding purposes. AKC registration papers will be given to the buyer on a limited registration.

3. Should the buyer wish to wait on spay/neutering and have the puppy evaluated at a later date to determine if they may be of quality to show or breed they may do so. If at the time of purchase they choose to wait the puppy will be registered in said breeders name. If at the time of evaluation it is determined the puppy to be in condition to show or breed the owner must at that time follow the Show Quality Contract and pay the price that Show Quality Puppies were purchased for out of that litter. At the time the payment is paid the puppy registration papers will be turned over to the buyer.

4. The breeder is to be notified if one of the following applies:Change of Address, Serious Illness, Injury or DeathThis is required for the breeder to maintain good standings with AKC.

5. Buyer is to understand they are taking a companion that will live a long life. Breeder has given said puppy the utmost care until transfer to new owner. Now this puppy is the new owners responsibility.Now as a new member of the familty. New owners obligations are to make this puppy socially exceptable with proper guidance how ever they wish to do so. I strongly recommend obedience classes and tons of interactive socialization. This is now your new member of the family and soley your responsibilty. Should for some reason through no fault of the buyer they are unable to keep said companion. They will guarantee breeder they will find a new loving responsible home willing to follow the Companion Quality Contract. Breeder is not responsible for taking the dog back, but if notified can help try and find the dog a new home. The breeder will NOT HELP find a new home if the following apply:

     a. Not crate trained

     b. Not kennel run trained

     c. Has bitten or threatened another animal or human

6. Buyer guarantees breeder if they are unable to keep this dog they will not take it to an animal shelter, pet store, dog dealer, guard dog or research facility.

7. Buyer is to understand at no time will this dog be chained. Proper housing and fenced yard or kennel run must be provided for the dog. Said dog will be crate trained and be able to be comfortable in a kennel run. Buyer must have fenced yard of at least five feet or more. A kennel run in addition to the fenced yard it strongly recommended for safety of said dog.

8. Buyer is to understand that as a breeder we want to help with any questions or problems buyer may have in raising a healthy compatible companion. We love our puppies and want our new buyers to have every opportunity to raise their new puppy to the best of the breeders and their knowledge. Violation of this contract will legally allow said breeder to reposes the said dog.

9. This contract is formed and shall be governed by the laws of the State of Minnesota  and jurisdiction to resolve disputes rests solely in a court of competent jurisdiction in Freeborn county of Minnesota.


Signatures of both parties reguired

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