1. Purchaser agrees to provide complete Veterinarian care by a licensed Veterinarian.

2. Purchaser agrees to follow Supplement Schedule attached as Supplement Attachment (1).

3. Purchaser agrees to keep Akita as a house dog, in properly fenced yard, or kennel run with proper housing. AT NO TIME WILL THIS AKITA BE CHAINED.

4. Purchaser is advised regarding skeletal development, and the importance of caution to be used with the Akita especially up to a year of age. Akita is not to be raised on tile floor or floors of equivalent. Recognizing that proper footing is very important to skeletal development. Horseplay, jumping off high places and rough playing with older dogs should be avoided. This CANNOT be overemphasized.

5. Purchaser agrees to train or have this Akita trained for the show ring. Purchaser also agrees to have this Akita socialized among people and other animals. Purchaser is to show this Akita or make other arrangements for a professional handler or the breeder/seller to show the dog for them. Purchaser to realize showing the Akita out of coat or in poor condition is to his or her disadvantage. Proper exercise and grooming is very important to overall appearance and a must in the show ring.

6. Purchaser agrees not to use this Akita for breeding purposes before the age of 24 months unless agreements have been made with the breeder/seller. If agreement is made for the use of this Akita before 24 months the following applies: Once said Akita is used for breeding this contract is NULL & VOID.  Breeder/seller no longer responsible for any replacement of said Akita.

                              a. Preliminary hip x-rays must be taken and read by OFA or a Certified Radiologist

1. To be fair or better

                              b. Eyes must be examined by a Certified Ophthalmologist and have a reading of clear.

7. Purchaser agrees once the Akita is used for breeding purposes breeder/seller is released of any guarantees. THIS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED.

8. Purchaser agrees to use the name of TimberSky on front of the ACK registered name. Failure to use breeder/sellers kennel name will NULL AND VOID this contract.

9. Purchaser agrees if the Akita is to ever be resold or co-owned the breeder/seller has the first option to co-own or repurchase said Akita. The purchase price for a co-own or outright buy to the breeder/seller shall be the same as offered by another individual interested in purchase of co-own of the said Akita.

10. Purchaser agrees to keep the breeder/seller informed about the Akitas progress. Purchaser is encouraged to contact breeder/seller with any questions pertinent to care, feeding, grooming, training, etc., of said Akita.

11. Purchaser is to keep said Akita under control at all times. Breeder/seller will not be held responsible for any damages said Akita may cause whether outright purchase or co-own. Also breeder/seller is not held responsible for said Akita should it bite or harm another individual or animal. If Purchaser should need to place said Akita and it has bitten or harmed an individual or another animal breeder/seller will not help or is not responsible for placing said Akita into a new home. Should purchaser’s life situation make it unable for them to keep the said Akita and the breeder/seller is unable to take the Akita purchaser guarantee breeder/seller they will find a new loving home. They will guarantee the said Akita will not be resold to a guard dog, research facility, pet store or be taken to an animal shelter.

12. Purchaser agrees to have said Akita crate trained and trained to be comfortable in a kennel run. This will help the Akita to adjust to situations such as boarding or flying for instance. This will also help said Akita be comfortable in show situations.

13. Purchaser is to know that the breeder/seller is willing to help with new placement of the Akita should a situation occur where purchaser could no longer keep said dog. Purchaser is to be responsible for getting said Akita back to breeder/seller and paying for any expenses incurred in doing so. Breeder/seller will not help place or take back said Akita if Articles 11 and 12 are not followed.

14. Purchaser will follow "Purchasers Commitments" or this contract is NULL AND VOID.


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